Let Workin Spaces support you, even with smaller tasks.

1. How to set up an account

Setting up an account is easy.

Your first step to creating an account is by clicking the Login/Register button in the navigation bar. Then add your credentials into each of the fields and follow this with whether you are a space provider or a space seeker.

Once you have filled all of the relevant fields, click the register button and an email verification will be sent to the email address you have provided. Be sure to check your email inbox folder or possibly your spam or junk in case the email gets misplaced.

Once you have verified your account, you can begin shortlisting venues and scheduling viewings and bookings.

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2. How to search

Searching is one of the main features of Workin Spaces’ website, so what better way of celebrating it than a guide to using the search bar efficiently?

From the homepage, you can make a quick search by simply entering the location and the type of space you’re looking for. On the search page, you can generate an advanced search according to your preferences by adding more filters, such as price range, distance, facilities and industries.

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3. How to manage your account

Managing your account is stress-free when done efficiently – so this guide will show you how to manage your coworking account smoothly!

Whether you sign up as a space provider or a space seeker, the account features all have different purposes.

A space seeker account allows you to search desk spaces and venues, make enquiries through the dashboard, leave reviews, and shortlist venues.

The space provider account allows you to submit your space’s details within the Venue page, with the ability to adjust the flexible commission per venue basis. You’re also able to respond to space seeker enquiries, viewings and bookings on the dashboard.

The manager account can create associate accounts and can promote/demote associates.

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4. How to use the dashboard

The dashboard is your central hub to manage your coworking opportunities.

The dashboard acts as a guide for your actions and interests when using Workin Spaces, with an overview of the inbox, shortlisted venues or owned venues. Here you will be able to edit your profile, whether you’re a space seeker or a space provider.

Space Seeker

1. Inbox

As a space seeker, the inbox section allows you to keep an eye on the progress of viewing requests and gives you the ability to enquire about any questions for the coworking spaces.

2. Shortlisted Venues

The shortlisted venues page shows a list of all of your favourite venues, which you are able to select by clicking on the star icon of a venue.

Space Provider

1. Inbox

As a space provider, the inbox section allows you to manage your viewing requests and enquiries from space seekers, plus keep track of your bookings.

2. Venues

This is where you’ll find a list of all your venues, with the option to edit, delete or even share them on other platforms. You’ll find a search bar at the top left to find a specific venue quicker.

Inside the Selected Venue, you can edit the information by clicking on the pencil icon at the top. Here you’ll fill in the description, location, facilities and also the industries working in your spaces - to help connect likeminded professionals! You can also upload photos to the gallery and add any additional perks of the venue.

Once you submit your venue, it will need to be verified by one of our moderators - and then you’re good to go!

2.1 Statistics

The analytics section shows the progress and success of the coworking space you own. Here you can view the traffic for each venue received from space seekers using Workin Spaces. Get geographical data of who is interested in your space.

2.2 Assets

Here you can add the type of spaces the venue has to offer - these could be fixed desks, hot desks, meeting rooms and private offices. You’re able to add the prices of each, capacity, and a short description.

2.3 Commission

We are all about flexible rates, so you can regulate the commission bar based on your venue preferences! Starting with a minimum of 10% for the standard membership, you can adjust your commission rate based on the amount of exposure you wish to receive on the website.

5. How to become a featured/premium member

Whether you’re in the early stages of a becoming space provider, or you already own a number of vibrant venues, getting more exposure can always boost your bookings.

By creating an account, you’re able to list your spaces for free! But that’s not all - you can also select a different commission rate for each venue, based on the amount of exposure you need. We provide flexible bargaining power according to the space provider’s needs; this means that the higher your number, the better your exposure.

1. Featured membership

From a 15% commission rate, your venue becomes Featured, where it is displayed with more frequency than a standard member throughout the website. Those with higher commission rates will have the chance to appear on the homepage section, where a short list of featured venues is displayed.

2. Premium membership

From 50% onwards, your venue becomes Premium, meaning that not only it has the same benefits as the Featured, but it will also appear on the homepage banner. The frequency of the venue being displayed is based on a waiting list that balances the number of premium members enrolled at the time. Those with higher commission rates will be entitled to more exposure.